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Posted by emac3326 on August 20, 2006

OK. I’m tired of messing around with the free wikis. And I don’t want to wait for the EMAC server to get here. So here you go: the class blog using WordPress.

We’re gonna be setting up individual blogs anyway. And we need to look under the hood and see all the things we have control over, or can’t control. So why not do it live? We’ll get to the wiki examples later.

Anyway, here is how I will use this blog.

I will post the syllabus here.

I will post student links and comments here.

I will post presentations and any other pertinent material here.

There will be a few “rules,” however, like using categories, or tagging. For example, all material related to ClassOne will be tagged ClassOne for easy retrieval — you don’t have to scroll through an entire blog to find what you are looking for. Another example is using the student’s last name as a category. This way we can see all the links or comments provided by each student.

I’m sure there’s more, and I will add to the list.

Out for now.

The Teacher


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