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Linesandcolors and Notcom

Posted by emac3326 on August 21, 2006

Rizwan Javaid 

Here are the two blogs that I have started reading on a daily basis:

I like reading lines and colors because it deals with a variety of artistic channels ranging from drawing, painting, 3d, comics, pen and ink and much more. I like to be exposed to a variety of ideas, thoughts and styles to help me and encourage me to try them out. This blog is by a comic artist Charlie Parker one of the reasons that he started this blog is to broaden the readers artisitc horizons and introduce new/old/interesting/quirky/edgy/out of the mainstream/classical/not so famous yet great artists and thier techniques.

NotCot is a design blog that is run by Jean Aw in LA. NotCot is a blog about good design in everyday life. The products she displays in the blog are simple, smart, useful and user friendly. Design is a vital part of our daily life so finding out about products that are pleasing to the eye and user friendly is fun and keeps me coming back everyday.


One Response to “Linesandcolors and Notcom”

  1. emac3326 said

    two very nice blogs … and rizwan’s comments are right on. note in notcot how the sponsored ads look like the blog entries …

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