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Personal Synopsis: Effler

Posted by emac3326 on August 21, 2006

Mary Effler

I’m Mary Effler, the really young one. I’m an entering Freshman this fall, after having graduated from Hebron High in Carrollton, TX this spring. I have an on campus job as a CA (Computer Lab Assistant) in the McDermot Library, and my current declared major is Arts/Technology. My interests include foreign languages, Asian culture, philosophy, world religions, web design and coding, computers in general, reading, and occasionally drawing. My goals include getting a Masters or PHD in translation, and doing something with languages in the future, possibly a translator for the government, or translating books, or teaching English in a foreign country. I would also like to continue designing websites in the future. As for my experience, I work with websites, and have recently become skilled with using Macromedia Studio MX/8, as well as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. When it comes to video and such, however, I don’t have much experience at all.  I hope to learn how to do some of that in this class.

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