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Personal Synpopsis: Selmon

Posted by emac3326 on August 21, 2006

Damion Selmon 

Hey Dan, this is Damion Selmon and here is the first part of my assignment.

I am 27 years old, and I have been in the mortgage industry (on the collections side) for about 8 years or so.  I found my passion for graphic arts in high school, when I learned some basic animations, and graphic designs.  From that point forwarded, I knew that was the career field for me but life stepped in and had to take care of other things first.  I love to help people and I plan on using my degree and training to establish my own comply that caters mainly to small business with advertising, product design, web development, and anything else that I can do to help them become successful in the ever changing world of technology.  I have taken a basic media class in junior college where I learned a little flash, html, Photoshop, and sound forge.  I am ready to learn much more.  I have always been the techy in my family from the days of MacGyver to today when cell phones changing every other week.  I always figure out how to use any piece of electronics that I and put my hands on.  Therefore, my drive is endless.  I hope to learn a lot from this class because I am ready to leave this rat race and embark in the area where I truly feel I belong.  Umm I am sure I left out some more of my formal training so if I think of it I will let you know.


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