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Religious Blogs.

Posted by emac3326 on August 21, 2006

Robert Glosup

www.protestantpub.com -This is a meeting place for all different
denominations of Christianity (within the protestant church that is). You
can leave comments on other people’s sparked discussions or you can make one
up yourself. For a kid who likes to study the Bible, this is a great way to
get widespread opinion.

www.therobe.blogspot.com -This is a personal blog that was started by David
Roberson. It contains devotionals that he updates daily. As you can see
from the website, his ministry has done great through the blog. He even has
a book called “The Blog of Job”.

One Response to “Religious Blogs.”

  1. emac3326 said

    protestant pub is an excellent, clean, informative blog … it involves many people, so a strong community is formed, and the various authors seem to grasp a new way of writing for blogs … for example, they post but use the Read More feature so readers can quickly scan what’s important but not have to go through an entire story if they are pressed for time.

    the robe is an example of how blogs, someone’s interest, can not only improve their standing and awareness, create a community, but be an amazing source of information. just look at those blogrolls! an example of a blogger blog, too.

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