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Posted by emac3326 on August 21, 2006

For the class I have chosen a book on podcasting. It’s Podcast Solutions, The Complete Guide to Podcasting, by Michael W. Geoghagan and Dan Klass. Amazon link.

This is an excellent introduction to podcasting, which many believe is more difficult because of the equipment needed. It addresses listening to podcasts, planning a podcast, the tools associated with podcasting, recording a podcast, putting together the podcast, preparing the file, and placing it on a server. There is also a discussion about getting heard, making money with podcasting, and it includes sample software for the PC.

Geoghagan, by the way, is an early podcaster and an example of someone who started podcasting and caught the attention of mainstream business (Disney), which hired him to produce Mickey’s podcasts.

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  1. […] Many students have asked me about reading lists. I’ve posted only one book, on podcasting, for required reading. The reason I have not posted any books on blogs is, well, many of the blog books are relatively old (2002-2004) and everything changes so fast. The books seem outdated to me. […]

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