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Where do you find blogs?

Posted by emac3326 on August 21, 2006

Canon Hill

I’ve heard of blogs but I havn’t really used them or read them. Is this a sample of a blog? Im having a hard time searching for them. http://pixaranimation.blogspot.com/

Is it just information on topics. Can you show me an example of a blog.. thanks.. sorry for dumb question

One Response to “Where do you find blogs?”

  1. emac3326 said

    a few ways you can tell if a blog is a blog: For one, the site is written in reverse chronological order — newest to oldest — a big feature of the blog style; secondly, the .blogspot at the end of the URL notes that the blog is hosted at Blogspot.

    as far as finding blogs, start here: Technorati. browse. have fun. technorati follow millions of blogs and should be used like a google search, only for blogs.


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