Learning Emerging Media

Personal Synopsis: Chuang

Posted by emac3326 on August 22, 2006

“Joe” Chuang 

My name is Yiow-Jun Chuang, but I figured that not everybody can say
Yiow-Jun, so Joe is the solution that I came up with. I wanted to try
something art related since I’ve tried CS, Electrical Engineer, but
have failed miserably. While I struggle to find what other fields I
could go into, I felt in love with photography when I took it for fun
as an elective class.

My personal interest had been anything computer related, let it be web
surfing, game playing, movie watching, I am always there. But as I
grew older, I find it a lot more fun to go places with friends than
sitting in front of computers several hours straight.

As far as the experience with new media, I guess it would be the
shopping/buying interface that I am helping my friend design, we try
to incorporate AJAX into the application to make it more user friendly
. Other than that, I’ve only seen and watched the new medias that’s
out there, never actually produced one.

Technical savvy – a 7 out of 10?? would fixing 10 computers with
different configurations in 5 hours count as tech savvy??


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