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Personal Synopsis: Miranda

Posted by emac3326 on August 22, 2006

Jeffrey Miranda

The name is Jeffrey Miranda, 25 yrs, from El Paso Tx.  I graduated
from The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) with a BA in Drawing
with a minor in Biology.

As an undergrad I became fascinated with the principle structure and
function.  And with that idea I was able to combine both Art and
Biology.  My Senior thesis was about the 3D reconstruction of cell’s
organ, Golgi Apparatus.  The result was a actual plastic prototype of
the structure.

I later I studied Medical Illustration at the Southwestern Medical
Center in Dallas.  There I produced numerous drawing studies of
cadaver specimens.  As time went on I started noticing the field
didn’t give room for creativity and I simply I saw myself going nowhere.

My time as a Medical Illustration opened new realms I wanted to
explore.  I became interested in conceptual design, like medical
instrumentation design, weaponry design, and fluid motion in straws.
I began to produce political heavy humor artwork. Email me if you
want to see some artwork…jeffmiranda@mac.com!

One Response to “Personal Synopsis: Miranda”

  1. emac3326 said

    jeffrey, it seems to me that you have content, either for a blog or a podcast or both. the medical drawing is unique …

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