Learning Emerging Media

Personal Synopsis: Ozaeta

Posted by emac3326 on August 22, 2006

Brent Ozaeta

This is my fourth year in the ATEC program.  I want to start concentrating on new media art and design which is what drew me to the EMAC program.  Temporarily I am working part-time as an assistant at a small real-estate agency doing marketing and various gofer work.

I try to paint as often as I can and most of my interest lies in contemporary art, Asian cinema, graphic design, and new uses for technology.  I guess my main goal in regards to a career is pretty vague -something new and interesting.  As for my other goals, they all revolve around me not starving to death in the near future.

I’m most familiar with photoshop cs, flash, dreamweaver mx, ms frontpage, and pretty proficient with computers and technology in general.  For several years I’ve dabbled with blogs and have mostly failed to keep them well fed and consistent for lack of content.  But I’m currently maintaining a music/mp3 blog of sorts which is fun and passes the time .


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