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Friend’s Blog and Zack Braff

Posted by emac3326 on August 23, 2006

Aimee Watkins

Two blogs:

Best friend’s blog.

Actor/writer/director Zach Braff.

One Response to “Friend’s Blog and Zack Braff”

  1. emac3326 said

    The best friend’s blog is different from the other examples, which is good. It brings up a couple of points for discussion, now or in the future: the role of design in blogs, particularly on myspace, and myspace itself.

    Zack Braff’s blog looks like a website it’s so well done. He must be paying big bucks (he has them) for design and content development, much of what average folks don’t have and can’t do. How do you feel about his voice through all this sophistication, or does it matter?

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