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Personal Synopsis: Moreno

Posted by emac3326 on August 23, 2006

Carolos Moreno

Who are you?

My name is Carlos Moreno and I was born in Mexico City. I work as a
Web/Graphic Designer for Al Dia, a Spanish language daily published by
The Dallas Morning News.

What are your personal interests? Studies? Goals?

My interests include: Drawing, painting, animation, cartooning, soccer,
music and video games.  Some of the things I enjoy the most are drawing,
since I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid. I have an educational
background in Multimedia and Computer Arts and here I am again as an
ATEC student, hopping to get a career in 3D Animation in the near future.

What’s your experience with new media?

Working in a professional environment for the last 3 years, has given me
the opportunity to get closer and more familiar with many of the new
technologies and resources that exist and that can be applied to online
news such as RSS feeds, Video and most recently Weblogs. I’ve always
believed that learning now a day is never enough, specially with all
the technology changing constantly, I’ve learned the importance of
keeping up with new technologies and developments.

How technically savvy are you?

I’m pretty proficient with the most common graphic and web design tools out
there as they are part of my daily activities at work.

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