Learning Emerging Media

Personal Synopsis: Quick

Posted by emac3326 on August 23, 2006

Janice Quick

I’m Janice Quick.  I am currently registered as a Humanities non-degree
student, but I may switch to the MAIS (Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies
program).  I am interested in combining history courses and technology

My goal is to learn about new media for two reasons:  One, I’m interested in
history and would like to see better history, museum, digital archives, and
photography sites (such as WPA photography) on the Internet.  Two, because I
am in the corporate world, I feel the need to keep up and expand my

My experience with new media – i.e. blogs, podcasts, wikis – is very
limited.  However I have more experience with the Web.  I work as a User
Experience consultant for EDS.  I design the information architecture (i.e.
wireframes) for web sites and /or conduct usability tests to determine
whether users can successfully use sites or not.  Because our design teams
have visual designers (i.e. graphic artists) and programmers, I do not have
much experience in these areas.

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