Learning Emerging Media

Personal Synopsis: Kohlman

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

I am Karl Kohlman, and I am a senior this year in the atec program, and I am going straight from graduation to the masters program. I focus on 3d modelling in my studies, but still have only a year under my belt. I spend a lot of time trying to hone my skills in that area. I am very interested in all forms of art, but primarilly the CG community, and I am a freak for irish music. I dont have much experience in new media, primarily because I have had a bad taste in my mouth for blogging. I have always heard of blogs as being very unrealiable sources, so I am very excited to have my eyes opened to this world, perhaps even use it to advertise my name in 3d. I am not really what I would call tech savy, but I am by no means tech… ignorant.


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