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Homework Assignment #2

Posted by emac3326 on August 25, 2006

This is the homework we discussed in Class 02 last night.

It is due by Wed., Aug. 30, midnight.

This can also be found in the presentation, which can be found here. The file is Emac 3326 Class 02.

homework part 1

review free blog hosts. find one you like. sign up for an account. send me the URL. send me your idea(s) for a blog.
choose a topic of interest associated with something you want to accomplish in school, at work, and limit “vanity projects.”
getting started:
Live Spaces

homework part 2

find a podcast. listen to it. send me the show name, episode, link. tell me what you think.
getting started:

some popular shows are:
daily source code (tech, general, where it all started)
dawn and drew (seinfeld for podcasting)
TWiT (tech news, well done)

Reel Reviews Radio (movie reviews by the guy who wrote our podcasting book)

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