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One Up Show.

Posted by emac3326 on August 30, 2006

From Brent Ozaeta

I don’t reguarly frequent audio podcasts so I’ll get back to you with one of those.
One video podcasts that I do watch frequently is the 1UP Show, which is basically gaming reviews/previews/news from various gaming magazine editors/writers.

I think it is produced very well and a lot of the people in it are pretty intelligeble gamers. Episode 41 covered Quakecon which was an event that happened in Dallas that I attended and they also interviewed the designer for the upcoming game Okami. Episode 42 covered a really cool ryhthm game I want to get my hands on. And the most recent episode was more a filler since the staff was out covering an event. It was a taped podcast session with different people from the 1up community showcasing old games and discussing.

Out of curiosity, why do you choose videocasts over podcasts?

One Response to “One Up Show.”

  1. meccapaco said

    I choose videocasts over podcasts mainly for the obvious reasons. The media is a lot richer (not necessarily the content). And I find that with videocasts it seems a lot more entertaining, especially when the production is above average or excellent just like the 1up show, in my opinion.

    Another reason (for me at least) is that with a lot of podcasts its more like NPR or talk radio and I am not a fan of either. Radio DJ host voices makes my head want to explode.

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