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I’m Proud of You Boy.

Posted by emac3326 on August 30, 2006

I attended my daughter’s “mini-school” session last night at the middle school. “Mini-school” is where we get to walk in the shoes of our kids, going to their classes, in the same order they attend. Rather than spend an hour in each class, we get about 10 minutes before we move on to the next.

I sat outside this classroom taking break when an older man and a kid approached to look out the window. He looked haggard, with a worn face and oil-stained fingers. He reminded me of my grandfather, a gas station owner for many decades, although this guy did not smell of Camel cigarettes and gas.

I thought for sure this guy, tall as a bean pole, who wore suspenders with a belt, was the kid’s grandfather, but I was not sure. Obviously very proud of the boy, the man said, as they turned away from a window and headed to the next class, “I’m proud of you boy. Get all the education you can.”

It was a nice reminder, no matter who you are or what your station is in life, to take education seriously. Now, in middle school, or in college, or in grad school. We’re at one of those unique times in human history where the world around us is changing rapidly, and those who are prepared have the best chance of succeeding.

Like that kid.


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