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Brandy’s Blog and an Interesting Question

Posted by emac3326 on August 30, 2006

Brandy Martin.

This is my blog spot, I wasn’t sure what all to do with it but I did create my first blog on this site, and is basically just complaining about things… not sure if that’s what it is for but that’s what I used it for. I might also think about using it as a reminder for me to do things, as in that day write down when something is due and what subject etc then when I go back I can just read my blogs and know when things are do. And im sure ill write things that I ponder about.. for example.. why are there handicap parking spots in front of the bar.. that just don’t seem like that should be legal.. they are already handicapped and after a few hmm well you get the point. Lol hope you enjoy it or can at least relate to it ..

One Response to “Brandy’s Blog and an Interesting Question”

  1. Manuel said

    Handy cap people love too drink. In fact most drnk like a fish. It is also required by the state.

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