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Brent Ozaeta’s Blog aleatoric

Posted by emac3326 on August 30, 2006

Brent has posted his class blog here. He notes:

Initially I wanted to suggest that I make a sort of casual movie review site since I watch so many films.  My taste tends to lean towards the more obscure foreign and indie films people might be interested in.  But since I probably won’t be reviewing 3 films a week I will try and focus on other things as well.

The challenge here will be to find a voice and a point of view. There are a lot of movie critics and commentators in the blogosphere. Why would I read you over someone else? You’re right: 3 reviews might be too much per week. What else can you contribute? What other information about movies crosses your path during the day that might be of interest to your readers, with you comments as well?

I am going to make note of Brent’s other blog, which I will investigate because I love music. His comments are:

I mentioned before that I maintain an mp3 blog which gets updated on average about 6 times a month.  At the end of every month I try to make a compilation of songs in the fashion of the traditional mix-tape.  Some of my files may not be safe from the RIAA but I share them anyway.  That blog is located here:  http://paco.planetgoodyy.com/wp


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