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Janice Brings on the (Alternative) Country Music!

Posted by emac3326 on August 30, 2006

Janice Quick

I love seeing the students reach out and find podcasts, or videocasts, of their interest, many of which I have not found myself. Janice contributes one about unheard and unsigned musicians living in Nashville.

The Nashville Nobody Knows – www.nashvillenobodyknows.com

30 minute podcasts each month spotlighting Nashville musicians who are not
famous, but should be.  It is a great collection of alternative country

The podcast is produced and hosted by Candace Corrigan, herself a songwriter
and producer for public radio and telelvision.

I found this podcast through podcastalley.com by drilling down through the
Music/Radio genre.
The great thing about discovering a podcast is that you get to go back and
listen to all the archived podcasts.

Janice, I agree with your last statement. And I’ve wondered: If a podcaster gets a following, and we download their shows each week, or month, would we be willing to pay a small amount for access to archives without having to download them?

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