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Discovering the Power of Podcasting.

Posted by emac3326 on August 31, 2006

Jeffrey wrote that after reading some of the book Podcast Solutions he’s beginning to see the power of podcasting and videocasting. I remember such an ah-ha moment, even before there was podcasting, per se, when I stumbled on lectures provided by a site called IT Conversations. What amazed me was that I was listening to an expert in his field I probably would never meet, at a conference I doubt I would ever go to much less pay for, and yet I felt I had a one-on-one conversation with him. He was teaching me what he knew, or about some trend, and I never left my car. It was a profound experience.

From Jeffrey:

As I began reading Podcast Solutions I began to understand this world of podcasting. I now subscribe to Ask A Ninja, which I found to be hillarious and random. Comedy Central: Stand-Up (Video) and NPR: Shuffle are other podcast that I subscribe to. Usually I’m very busy and many things don’t capture my attention for a long time. For instance, I really don’t finish watching the news or reading the paper. I feel I’m chasing and trying to keep up to date. But with podcast now I feel its there for me, waiting whenever I want to, very convinient.


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  1. lumbre said

    Dan, I’ve tried to figure out how to put links into my blogs but I can’t. Can’t direct is some way?

    Jeffrey Miranda

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