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Posted by emac3326 on August 31, 2006

Damion has a great idea for a blog. I like it because it explores a really niche subject, Capoeria, and I’d like to see how he writes it but also who is attracted to it. You guys will hear me a lot about the Long Tail, and one day I promise to actually spend time on the concept. But suffice to say, for now, we are alive and well in the tail.

The idea for my blog will be “My Jogo, My Game”. In this blog I will
discuss the world of Capoeira pronounced “Cap-oo-way-uh”. I will talk about
its history, misconceptions and Brazil’s attempt to erase every trace of it;
to its reappearance after years of silence and the emergence of this
wonderful martial art into the mainstream. I have come across many people
who don’t know what it is or its importance. I would like to address this
not only because I am a practitioner but also to open the minds of people
who have the mentality of not understanding equals not caring. I will let
everyone know that concept of Capoeira can be used to navigate through
life’s ups and downs.


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