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Carlos’ Blog TBA.

Posted by emac3326 on August 31, 2006

Carlos set up his blog here, and wonders aloud:

I’m still not sure what I would like to write about. As you mentioned
last class, I’m one of those people that are more ‘graphic’

Here are some ideas that came up to my mind:

1. Sketch Blog: I could draw a sketch/gesture (on a daily basis) and
write something about it or make up a short story. It will help in
polish my creativity.

2. Soccer Blog: I play soccer very often so I could write about my
experiences (Not so sure on this one)

3. Work Blog: Experiencies at work (altough it could become quite boring)

4. Personal and professional life experiences (I have too many to talk
about, althoug I rather keep them to myself, some of them could be
quite embarassing or disturbing)

I kind of like the first option. Remember the Gaping Void site I showed? The blog does not have to communicate to the outside world, per se. You can use the blog to collect what I call the breadcrumbs of life — the sketches, ideas, stuff you collect and want to remember or have handy at a later time.

2 Responses to “Carlos’ Blog TBA.”

  1. I was also thinking about starting a blog of daily doodles check it out.It is a great way to exercise your creative juices and the good thing about is that there are no rules. Your sketch does not have to be perfect. Whatever you are thinking about at that moment doodle it.

    Would you want to do a collaboration? Let me know what you think?


  2. carlosmoreno said


    I like the first option as well. Thanks for the advice.


    Sure, let’s do it!

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