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Posted by emac3326 on August 31, 2006

I must say, Joel, your blog is ambitious. I’ve mentioned the Long Tail, and this is another example. You’ve got room to education, provide images, other links, and write. I’ll be interested to see how this evolves.

My blog site will be about the little known threat of the Hot Headed
Chupacabras that live in Antarctica and eat penguins.

The Hot Headed Chupacabra is a descendant of the famous Puerto Rican
Chupacabra, only it has adapted differently to survive in the extreme cold.
There is little known about these illusive creatures.  However, the little
bit we do know is that they burrow tunnels deep under the ice by creating
some kind of extreme heat that radiates through an extremely  large, bald
forehead.  This creature melts tunnels through the ice like they were made
of warm butter.  They work in groups digging tunnels close to the surface
where mass groups of penguins gather.  The Hot Heads burrow a tunnel around
the circumference of the penguins, caving in the ice below and trapping
them.  The penguins are sucked dry of their blood and their carcass’s
discarded without remorse.

This site’s purpose is to create worldwide awareness of this incredible, yet
destructive, creature.

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