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Laura’s Ultimate Blog and a Few Goodies

Posted by emac3326 on August 31, 2006

Laura Chambers

The url for my blog is http://balletdancer51.wordpress.com/.  I intend to write about Ultimate Frisbee mostly, but there will probably be a little bit of eveything.  It is all described in my first post.

Two blogs that I enjoy reading are:


This blog is about European History and advancement of knowledge on the subject.  I enjoy reading it because it tells me a lot about what’s going on in the field of history that i want to enter someday, and it keeps me knowledgeable on the subject.


This is a blog that I’ve followed since I was in high school.  For a long time (even now) I wanted to be a volcanologist.  I’m still extremely interested in it, and I like to follow new developments, especially in the Cascades.

Listening to podcasts, I’ve decided to include one of my favorite series.  It is Dane Cook and many different remixes, songs, and stand up.  I love Dane Cook’s stand up, so this series is one of my favorites.


Click listen on the first one to hear one of my favorite series.  *Warning: Vulgar language is used extensively, if that offends, don’t listen*


7 Responses to “Laura’s Ultimate Blog and a Few Goodies”

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