Learning Emerging Media

Homework Assignment #3

Posted by emac3326 on September 2, 2006

Part 1

Since not all of you have the book …

For those of you who do have the book, read pages 1-86. It’s not much, really. Familiarize yourself with the start of the podcast process.

For those of you who do not have the book, search the web for podcasting How To articles. The goal here is to familiarize yourself with the podcast process. You can also listen to podcasts about podcasting, but you need to find these on your own. Any good sources should be shared with the class.

The above option is not superceeding the need to buy the book. The book was chosen because it gives a good overview of what podcasting is and the technical requirements and processes involved. It will come in handy during the semester.

Part 2

Finally, I still want you to find either a podcast or videocast to listen to or view. Send me a link, share it with the class. My aim here is to keep you listening to new media. Pay attention to intros, the use of music, the quality of the production, and so on. The more you listen, the better off you will be come podcast time, which starts now.

While it’s tempting to find podcast or videocasts that are fun and entertaining, like Ask a Ninja, I’d like you to find new media examples close to your blogging interest or your special interest like cooking, photography, and philosophy.


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