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The Economist on The Newspaper Industry

Posted by emac3326 on September 4, 2006

I know this is not a journalism class. We’re Arts and Technology and Emerging Media and Communications. Traditional journalism is not taught here. However, what is going on in journalism is of interest to us. Opportunities for new content, new relationships, a new work force, are beginning to pop up, and these are of interest to us who create content. Whose to say that the Dallas Morning News or local NPR radio and TV station would not publish or broadcast sketches from Jeffrey Miranda or Kyle Penn’s trials and tribulations as a women’s shoesalesman? Or Christi Nielsen’s About2GetSkinny photography and commentary or Mary Benedicto’s video painting. (Both Christi and Mary are ATEC students.) We must stop thinking 19th and 20th century journalism and look ahead.

The Economist just published an article on The Newspaper Industry that’s worth reading. It will give you a good view of the worldwide newspaper industry, not just the one in the U.S. One telling thought in the story was this: The danger for newspapers is that all their efforts on the internet may only slow their decline. Doing the obvious — having excellent websites and selling ad space on them — may not be enough. The papers with the best chance of seeing their revenues grow are those experimenting with entirely new businesses online and off.”

economist-newspaper-industrycom.pdf (follow link to article)


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