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Rizwan’s Interactive Podcast Desires

Posted by emac3326 on September 7, 2006

For his podcast this week, Rizwan chose …

an Interaction Design podcast that is created by Gerry Gaffney. He is the founder & director of Information & Design. He lectures under-graduate and post-graduate students in various universities on usability and user experience design. Although the podcast has no music and the quality is not the greatest I really like the interviews and the his ideas because I can relate to them and he has credibility. As they say as they say content is king, the bells and whistles don’t matter as long as I am getting something of value in return.

I assume, then, that you are getting something in return even though the production value is not that great. What value are you getting? Could this be something you stick with over time? Can you find this information elsehwere? Just curious.

Jumping ahead just a little, Rizwan has been thinking about his podcast and he may team with new student Cone Johnson on an interactive design podcast. Excellent.

As my podcast project I would like to do an Interaction Design podcast in which I would like to interview students about they way they interact with design at UTD and outside the university. Whether it is the UTD website, Design of Buildings. I will definitely need to work out the details but since design is all around us I think we can get good content that would be interesting to the listeners.

You may have chosen to do something with Cone; I’m not sure. If not, play around with the above idea and flesh it out some more. There’s definately something there. You can play with the format and setup and settle on an approach you are comfortable with in the coming weeks. I agree with your point: “design is all around us.” While it may be cliche in design circles, it certainly is lost among the common man and woman. They may like the iPod, or the design of the Mac, or a hot car, but do they think about design on an everyday, functional, interactive way? Where can this be improved. I know a guy named Hazem who has some interesting thoughts on experiential design …

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