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CD Reviews from New Sources

Posted by emac3326 on September 7, 2006

Last week Janice informed us about the Nashville music scene, this week she’s listening to Americana or Roots music.

I looked at other types of podcasts, but I wanted to find something that I
would actually listen to more than just a couple of times.  But apparently,
that would be music.  So here it is.


In this particular podcast series, radio personality Ray Randall reviews
just-released CDs from famous artists, like Radney Foster, Emmylou Harris,
and the DeRaillers, to some not so famous artists (at least not to me), like
Todd Snider and The Ginn Sisters.

My question is: You listen to music podcasts because it interests you and you can listen to more than one or two episodes. Have you looked for public history or geneology podcasts yet? Do these not hold your interest? What would hold your interest?

One Response to “CD Reviews from New Sources”

  1. Ok, you challenged me. I had not come across any podcasts relating to public history or genealogy – perhaps not knowing the best way to search for them and I get easily frustrated when things don’t play, give me error messages, etc. It’s nice when it all works; it’s frustrating when it doesn’t.

    So, I tried the obvious – a google search and found this one which I think I will like – from the History News Network by George Mason University.


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