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Cone & Refreshing Dallas

Posted by emac3326 on September 7, 2006

Oh, let Cone tell you …

I work as an Interaction Designer at a large dotcom
retailer based in Plano… and a great big chunk of each and every
workday is devoted to creating simulations and prototypes. It’s a
topic-of-great-interest is what I am saying!

And so well, I didn’t know if you’d heard of the group or if your
students would ever be interested in attending a meeting, but what I
particularly like is that it’s underlying goal is to get designers and
coders to mix it up. Love that idea.

The organization she mentions is Refresh Dallas. Perhaps Cone can tell us a little more about Refresh in an upcoming class.


One Response to “Cone & Refreshing Dallas”

  1. Hi Cone,
    I am so happy to find someone who is interested in IxD. I have been a web designer for about 6 years and my path is leading me to IxD since that is a big part of Web Designing. I checked out the Refresh website and I would love to go to the next meeting but unfortunately it is at the same time as this class. Would you be interested in doing the Podcast project on interaction design? Let me know..if you have a better idea.

    See you in class.


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