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Catching Up: Homework and Presentation from Class #4

Posted by emac3326 on September 11, 2006

I know, I’m behind. But as most of you have noted to me, you’re off having a good time on the weekend so few are stopping by the class blog. Even so, the weekend comes to a close and we’ve got work to do.

Homework Class #4

So, a reminder for the Class 4 homework. You spent time at the end of the class meeting fellow podcasters and thinking about your shows and/or collaboration efforts. I circulated the room and it seems that some of you have great ideas, while others are still searching. Do not dispair. We will be working on this again in this week’s class.
For those of you who do know what you want to do, please send me an email with what your show is going to be about and if anybody is participating with you. Some have said they want to do a podcast alone, while others are interested in forming teams. I am compiling a list to share with the class.
This list can also be used for those of you who are not sure what you want to podcast, or what team you want to work with. It will list each student, with a reminder from one’s personal synopsis, and his or her blog link will be included.

As for each week, keep blogging. It will affect your final grade. Some of you are posting frequently and others have not touched your blog for almost two weeks.

This Week’s Class

I need to meet with Professor Terry to iron out the details of the equipment checkout. My hope is we will get our hands on some of the equipment this week, and most likely next.

In anticipation of this, we will go over some of the basics of the M-Audio recorder we will be using and the microphones. I’m hoping to show you a few recording scenarios and the basics of GarageBand and Soundtrack Pro.

If interested, you can review the user’s manual for the recorder here. As usual, go the the Emac folder and look for the .pdf with M-Audio in the file name.

Class #4 Presentation

Also, if interested, you can find last week’s “presentation” at the same link above (it’s too big to upload here). If anything, the two diagrams, including the “wedding cake” podcast process, will be of interest and remind you what’s to come.

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  1. maxhedrm said

    Am I just missing it? I don’t see an Emac 3326 Class 04.pdf in the EMAC directory.

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