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Posted by emac3326 on September 16, 2006

I have updated most of you to “editor” status, meaning you should have more than enough rights to post to the blog when you find something interesting. As I noted in class, you do not have to post to this blog on a regular basis — I’d prefer you post to your blog, as that is what I will be grading the most. However, when you have something of interest for the group as a whole, post here. I will be communicating to you through the blog more than email. Email will be used for critical communication, so you cannot say I have not been to the blog in a week.

A few things of note:

When you post, please at least tag the post with your name. If a subject category exists, please use that as well. If one does not exist, and you think it’s important, you can add it to the category list. It’s simple. You should already know how to do it anyway.

If you want to add something to the blogroll, and it’s class related, use the blogroll tag/category. If it’s outside the class, uncheck blogroll and select the box underneath it, links of interest. That way we can keep the blogroll clean for class and use the blogs of interest for everything else. If need be, we can certainly create additional tags/categories.

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