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man! talk about synchroncity!

Posted by conej on September 18, 2006

I was just working on our team blog and noticed that ‘hot blog’ listing at the left while logged into wordpress.com.

What caught my eye was the “Anousheh Ansari Space Blog” so I clicked and was truly amazed to learn that this first woman space tourist was due to blastoff into space in just mere moments!

I quickly scanned through the posts and saw that the coverage was being carried live on NASA TV. So we tuned in and it was so very cool to see the preparation and takeoff and all the coverage of Expedition 14.

Who knew doing a little homework for the emac class could become so very engaging, mixing up all the media – tv, online blogs and CNN videos!

(see my post which was actually published at 10:50ish…)

Blogging to blog to real life events happening on the other side of the globe. And… high above our globe. Wow.

One Response to “man! talk about synchroncity!”

  1. emac3326 said

    did you know that there is a Plano connection and that the first woman space tourist, who paid 20M for this priviledge, will be speaking with kids from Plano East, or a middle school in Plano, something like that. We talk about globablization, how all of us are getting closer, but how about “universe-alization?”.


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