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How to screencap movies

Posted by meccapaco on September 26, 2006

Here’s a super simple walkthrough on how to screencapture videos – in case you wanted to share some screens from a movie or something.

I use VLC player for windows. There are several other programs you can use like PowerDVD or Fraps. Mac users can use GrabMac.

Download VLC player.

Change Video Settings
Change “video snapshot directory”. This is where your caps will be saved.
Change “video snapshot format”. This must be in “png” if you want high quality caps.


Change hotkeys Settings
Click on “Advance options” and find “Take video snapshot”.
Now you can leave the original hotkeys settings for “Take video snapshot” the way it is or you can uncheck Alt and Ctrl and use only one hotkey to cap your video. My hotkey is “c”.


Save settings.

Open the disc or file. VLC plays lots of file types. Check here.

Now when the movie plays you just hit your hotkey (“c”) whenever you want to capture the frame and they will all be stored in your video snapshot directory.

I’ll be periodically adding screens from movies here.

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