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How do we give credit for photos and artwork?

Posted by pattonfamily on October 5, 2006

Dan, I had a question and I thought others in the class might have similar questions.

You talked a lot about music and how important it was to not violate copyright laws.  What about Photography and Art?

1. On a blog.  If I do a review of a photography exhibit and copy one of the photos from a web site to include in the blog, what do I need to do to give credit to the artist?

2. On a podcast.  If we do an enhanced podcast so that we can show a screen shot or photo while the audio plays, do we need to say where the photo comes from.  For example, if I talk about an ipod and grab a picture of an ipod from Apple’s site, is that ok?  If I talk about a car key with the built-in remote that opens and locks the car, and I grab a picture from the Ford site, is that OK?  

Just wondered how careful we have to be with photos, screens shots, etc. that we get off the Internet.  Thanks.


One Response to “How do we give credit for photos and artwork?”

  1. I hope Dan doesn’t mind if I jump in here on your class blog, but I have a little experience in this area. Whenever I discover that someone has posted one of my images, I’m just fine as long as they give credit, list my name, and include a link back to my blog or Flickr page. Many people will ask me for permission beforehand which is always nice. Then you can monitor comments and sometimes pick up a few new connections.

    As far as using the images for a podcast, I would also ask for credit. I think using the artist’s name and referencing their website would suffice.

    Of course, this is from someone who is comfortable with Creative Commons. Other artists are not so generous yet. They haven’t discovered the benefit of “giving it away” and looking toward the long tail.

    So my advice is to always ask, or at least send them an email letting them know you did a review. Most people will be delighted that you want to show their work.

    Hope that helps.
    Christi Nielsen

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