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Posted by bella11 on October 6, 2006

I am sure we went over this in class at one point but I am still kinda unclear about it. I have a Word Press blog going and one with Blog Spot as well. I dont really touch the Blog Spot one at all but that is the one I initally set up and is also the one linked to my name on this blog. I really utilize the Word Press Blog more. Should I start using both or just stick to one like I am doing? Can anyone answer this question for me? Also, my Word Press Blog is www.bella11.wordpress.com

Check it out guys and give me feedback

One Response to “Blog activity”

  1. maxhedrm said

    I would say go ahead & switch. Unless you want to keep your Youth Program & blog experimentation seperate. I think you can even update your link in the blogroll yourself. If you look under My Dashboards above you should see one for emac3326.wordpress.com. Select that, then go to the Blogroll tab. Find your link, click enter and change the Address, then click Save Changes.

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