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.hma file formats?

Posted by klcrawford on October 11, 2006

The digital recorder that we checked out was a Sony Walkman mp3 recorder.  It was the only type of recorder available after two tries, so we went ahead and used this recorder.  We have some good content recorded, but when it came to downloading the files, what I found was .hma file formats (?)   Some of the advice floating out in google-land says don’t mess around trying to convert these files.  Oops.  Don’t know if anyone else has encountered this problem…. any advice?


2 Responses to “.hma file formats?”

  1. maxhedrm said

    Worst case scenario, if it can play the files for you, you could get a male to male cable @ Radio Shack or someplace similar & copy it by playing it with the Sony and recording it on a computer, or other recorder.

  2. emac3326 said

    from what i understand, these files are heavily encrypted. here are a few links that may help:





    It looks like to me that you downloaded the files to the PC and got .hma extensions. I think you may need to hook the minidisc to the computer and play the file to get .wav. Don’t quote me on that, though. Otherwise, you will need to re-record. If you have the MD player tonight, we can listen to the recording through that.


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