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Update on Weather and Saturday’s Class.

Posted by emac3326 on December 1, 2006

Here is an email I sent this evening, in case someone checks here and not their email. As you know, we decided to cancel class, which may or may not have been a great idea, although I know all of us are relieved to not drive on slick roads this evening — even if they don’t ice up, it’s the thought, right?

The email:

Don’t you just hate hindsight?

Well, the deed is done and we can’t second guess ourselves. Some at UTD said bail. Others, later in the day, said, no, wait, we’re on.

So here we are. After taking stock it looks like Saturday morning wins out. Be at the Mac Lab at 9:30 and will go until 12-12:30.

The lineup for Saturday:

(note: some of you may be in Chip’s class. Chip has said anyone who is presenting in the Emac class may have time to do so. If you are finished with Chip’s class, check in and you can attend all of the Emac presentations. If not, you’ll need to present in Chip’s class and Emac, which makes for a long morning … )

Aimee and Joel (I’ve heard from Aimee, she is available, but I am not sure about Joel).

Laura, Carlos, Damion, and Rachna (Laura is out of town for a frisbee tournament, Damion is at work, and Carlos has class. It’s possible that Damion and Carlos can join us after 12. Otherwise, it’s Rachna’s show.)

Brandy, Tony, Clay (I’ve heard from Brandy and Tony. They will be in class, although Brandy says it’s too early: She needs her beauty rest.)


Cannon and Ghazanfar (Cannon has graciously decided not to go out of town, which helps. I am not sure Ghazanfar is available or not Saturday.)

Vince (All ready to go.)

David S. (At work until 10, will present to the class afterward.)

Jeffrey Miranda and Joe C. (Available on Saturday and will present.)

Guy (Not sure about.)

Alberto and Kim (Saturday works for both.)

Evontae (Have not heard from him in more than three weeks. Anybody heard from him?)

Isabel (Available Saturday)

Tim (Not sure about.)

There should be some surprises here. We’ve seen some early work from the Poetry gang, Vince, Jeffrey and Joe, and Scott, but overall what will be presented is new.

As a reminder, these folks have already presented. While I’ve asked that they attend, some are unable to and have received excused absences.

David G.

Janice, Cone, Rizwan, Kyle (Janice and Cone said they will attend; Rizwan is excused for personal reasons, not sure about Kyle)

Mary E. (I think she said she could come.)

Manuel and David M. (Manuel has a class and is unable to attend; I have not spoken with David.)

Brent, Corey, Karl (Have spoken with Brent; not sure if Corey and Karl will attend.)

I think that’s it. Am I missing anybody? Thanks to all for your patience and understanding. Maybe it will ice up yet.

If you need to reach me, call (see the email). I will be available most of Friday, except for a doctor’s appointment at 1:30 (ask me what for Kim … )



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