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Clay on Coffee

Posted by emac3326 on September 7, 2006

Clay noted two podcasts this week, one I am familiar with and one I am not. I know Keith and the Girl. I don’t know Urban Coffee. But I have to link to visit! So, Clay, send me a link and tell me why you like these, or at least what Urban Coffee is all about. It’s a nice name but it doesn’t tell me, exactly, what it’s about. Hmmm.


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Clay Beutler’s Blog, Learning as He Goes

Posted by emac3326 on August 30, 2006

Clay Beutler

Clay’s blog is up and running. It’s here.

I have been playing with the site and learning as I go. Please let me know
if there is anything else I should do for the homework assignment.

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Casino Royale and Movies

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Clay Beutler

Two blogs visited recently – 1. Casino Royale blog on the official website.
2. The Dark Knight blog on IMDB.com.  As you can see I like movies.

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Personal Synopsis: Beutler

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Clay Beutler

My name is Clay Beutler and I am a MFA Atec student. I am a painter
first and foremost, who is also interested in the manipulative nature of
y. I have slowly gravitated to becoming an installation artist
whose paintings occupy and create an environment. Technology, pop culture
and aspects of human relationships are the central theme of these
installations. I want to be a college art professor and an exhibiting fine
. I look forward to this semester as I dive deeper into this
mysterious world of technology.

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