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Very Interesting Podcasts from Rachna

Posted by emac3326 on September 7, 2006

I agree about NPR. I never catch the shows when they are on, so the great thing about podcasting and videocasting is the time-shifting. What really caught my eye, though, is the one about a video game as a cancer drug. So many things to download now … From Rachna:

Here are some of the podcasts that caught my interest.

I really like storytelling episodes on NPR but I can never manage to tune in the exact time. So here i found some storytelling podcasts.

(This has a long intro but then we can always forward.)

I like to watch Mad Money just for the fun and to view Cramer’s enthusiasm. Here is a podcast reviewing mad money and more.

This was an interesting information about a video game that is a cancer drug.

And a few more of interest:

I really enjoy going through stuff on http://www.fark.com/. I like the single line presentation and the tags given to each link are a great way to express personal viewpoint.

Another blog that interests me is the http://drawn.ca/. Its all about drawing and I love drawing. Great inspiration and tips.


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And Who Doesn’t Like Cooking?

Posted by emac3326 on August 31, 2006

Rachna is taking an interest of hers — cooking — and blogging about it. Here you might be able to survey the cooking/blog landscape and provide readers with interesting links, news, and that special treat (pardon the pun), your receipes. Perhaps one a week? A nice way to keep people visiting the site.

I am fond of cooking and eating home cooked food. I would like to share some of my favorite recipes with everyone. Hopefully it is a suitable topic for this assignment. I just chose one of the things I love to do.

I did have some issue though:

-The posts are not coming in reverse chronological order. Maybe it is
because I changed the time zone after the first post and moved it back by 5
hours so technically the second post is not the latest post.

-Can I allow other visitors to contibute their recipes to my blog? I am not
sure how it is done.

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Personal Synopsis: Bidasaria

Posted by emac3326 on August 30, 2006

Rachna Bidasaria is a new student and will be joining the class on Thursday. Rachna contributed a bio for all of us to read.

I am an ATEC major student at UTD in my senior year. Hopefully I will
graduate next semester.

I have a passion for jewelry design. Infact I used to run my own jewelry
design business few years ago. And then marriage happened. I am primarily
interested in design and more particularly the interactive media design.
After my graduation I am hoping to find some work related to design. At some
point in life ( I hope pretty soon) I want to start my own design studio.

I am well versed with illustration and photo editing softwares. I am on the
net pretty much the whole day. I can do a little bit of programming in java,
html etc. I love to dream about my own company and my own range of products
and services. I maintain this whole book of ideas about what I would love to
build for the mass market and ofcourse earn the big bucks.

This is going to be my first encounter with the medias like the blog,
podcast etc. Although I know what they are I am not a regular user or for
that matter I am not at all currently involved in blogging or podcasting .
But I would love to learn more about it and explore the oppotunities that
come along with it.

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