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RFID in Medical Records Technology.

Posted by emac3326 on August 31, 2006

Kim sends us a link for a podcast about the future of implantable chips using RFID technology for medical records information. Interesting if the issue of medical records databases is of interest to you. The link. (This opens in Real Media format, so it looks like it’s a streaming link. I don’t have Real Media loaded. I’m a podcast snob. Anyway, we’ll need to discuss this.)

This is an excellent example of using new media for information, not so much entertainment. The information can be used to help Kim with her school activities, a future career, any number of things. A few others in class are starting to think this way.

For the record, Kim’s well-name blog is here.


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Personal Synopsis: Crawford and Health Care Blog.

Posted by emac3326 on August 31, 2006

Kim Crawford, who joined us last week for the first time, sent in her personal synopsis.

My name is Kim Crawford. I am a 3rd semester, ATEC grad student and prevailing full-time mom to three kids. I have a bachelor of science in business administration, art school training, and work experience in marketing communications. I have a lot of experience in graphic design, although most of it is pre-web era stuff.My personal interests are to understand and embrace the emerging technologies that are influencing our society and global economies. I have a strong interest in the healthcare industry and the issue of personal medical records management. I have based a few past projects on this topic and will (probably) continue to focus here. Along the way I hope to gain some updated skills and knowledge that will lead to some interesting employment opportunities. Ultimately though, I hope this adventure through ATEC and EMAC will help me identify and create the opportunity for a new business venture.

Technically savvy??? – NOT! feels like none at all when my system crashes and I don’t have a clue…Prior to staying home with my kids I worked on both pc and mac platforms doing mostly desktop publishing (Pagemaker, Illustrator). My husband works for HP, and has been in sales/services areas in the high-tech industry for over 30 years. So merely by the virtue of osmosis, I am probably more “knowledgeable” than I give myself credit for, but I feel like I know just enough to get into trouble. Like system crashes, duh…

I feel like I have a surface level of awareness and knowledge. I would really like to gain more in-depth knowledge, and therefore confidence, in this crazy world of technology-based communications.

I’ve known Kim for a year now, and she’s pursuing ideas in health care. She’s on to something, she just doesn’t know what yet. The Health Care Blog.

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