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Brandy’s Blog and an Interesting Question

Posted by emac3326 on August 30, 2006

Brandy Martin.

This is my blog spot, I wasn’t sure what all to do with it but I did create my first blog on this site, and is basically just complaining about things… not sure if that’s what it is for but that’s what I used it for. I might also think about using it as a reminder for me to do things, as in that day write down when something is due and what subject etc then when I go back I can just read my blogs and know when things are do. And im sure ill write things that I ponder about.. for example.. why are there handicap parking spots in front of the bar.. that just don’t seem like that should be legal.. they are already handicapped and after a few hmm well you get the point. Lol hope you enjoy it or can at least relate to it ..


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Two MySpace Blogs

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Brandy Elaine Martin



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Personal Synopsis: Martin

Posted by emac3326 on August 24, 2006

Brandy Elaine Martin

My name is Brandy Martin I was in the Army for about a year, got
through boot camp and my job training and figured that it wasn’t for
me. I didn’t feel like I was at my full potential. So after getting out
I moved to Arlington, TX and attended UTA with a major in Architecture,
but that soon changed becuase Arch History didn’t like me. So I have
succeded in getting my Associates Degree in Arts and now am on to UTD
for a major in Art and Technology. Right now I am working for KIDKRAFT
full time this summer and then will be part time now that school is
back in. i love my job the people are great there. I do one of two
things, a computer aided-drafter or a pc tech.
my personal interests are computers, pretty much anything with
computers, my friends, and clubs well use to be alot.. but have settled
alot.. i dont really have alot of experience with new media except for
creating slide shows for my myspace page.. and i created a slide show
with music for a friends wedding
. im pretty techinically savy.. and if
it is something new.. well pretty much once i do it once i can succeed
at doing it again.. i believe i am a very fast learner, and love to
learn many new things.

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