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How to screencap movies

Posted by meccapaco on September 26, 2006

Here’s a super simple walkthrough on how to screencapture videos – in case you wanted to share some screens from a movie or something.

I use VLC player for windows. There are several other programs you can use like PowerDVD or Fraps. Mac users can use GrabMac.

Download VLC player.

Change Video Settings
Change “video snapshot directory”. This is where your caps will be saved.
Change “video snapshot format”. This must be in “png” if you want high quality caps.


Change hotkeys Settings
Click on “Advance options” and find “Take video snapshot”.
Now you can leave the original hotkeys settings for “Take video snapshot” the way it is or you can uncheck Alt and Ctrl and use only one hotkey to cap your video. My hotkey is “c”.


Save settings.

Open the disc or file. VLC plays lots of file types. Check here.

Now when the movie plays you just hit your hotkey (“c”) whenever you want to capture the frame and they will all be stored in your video snapshot directory.

I’ll be periodically adding screens from movies here.


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One Up Show.

Posted by emac3326 on August 30, 2006

From Brent Ozaeta

I don’t reguarly frequent audio podcasts so I’ll get back to you with one of those.
One video podcasts that I do watch frequently is the 1UP Show, which is basically gaming reviews/previews/news from various gaming magazine editors/writers.

I think it is produced very well and a lot of the people in it are pretty intelligeble gamers. Episode 41 covered Quakecon which was an event that happened in Dallas that I attended and they also interviewed the designer for the upcoming game Okami. Episode 42 covered a really cool ryhthm game I want to get my hands on. And the most recent episode was more a filler since the staff was out covering an event. It was a taped podcast session with different people from the 1up community showcasing old games and discussing.

Out of curiosity, why do you choose videocasts over podcasts?

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Brent Ozaeta’s Blog aleatoric

Posted by emac3326 on August 30, 2006

Brent has posted his class blog here. He notes:

Initially I wanted to suggest that I make a sort of casual movie review site since I watch so many films.  My taste tends to lean towards the more obscure foreign and indie films people might be interested in.  But since I probably won’t be reviewing 3 films a week I will try and focus on other things as well.

The challenge here will be to find a voice and a point of view. There are a lot of movie critics and commentators in the blogosphere. Why would I read you over someone else? You’re right: 3 reviews might be too much per week. What else can you contribute? What other information about movies crosses your path during the day that might be of interest to your readers, with you comments as well?

I am going to make note of Brent’s other blog, which I will investigate because I love music. His comments are:

I mentioned before that I maintain an mp3 blog which gets updated on average about 6 times a month.  At the end of every month I try to make a compilation of songs in the fashion of the traditional mix-tape.  Some of my files may not be safe from the RIAA but I share them anyway.  That blog is located here:  http://paco.planetgoodyy.com/wp

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Art and Music Blogs

Posted by emac3326 on August 22, 2006

From Brent Ozaeta

we-make-money-not art
This blog covers lots of interesting art/technology happenings around the world.  I just started to read it a few months ago.

Pitchfork Media
A highly regarded and highly criticized online music publication that has the ability to make or break independent artists with their reviews.

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Personal Synopsis: Ozaeta

Posted by emac3326 on August 22, 2006

Brent Ozaeta

This is my fourth year in the ATEC program.  I want to start concentrating on new media art and design which is what drew me to the EMAC program.  Temporarily I am working part-time as an assistant at a small real-estate agency doing marketing and various gofer work.

I try to paint as often as I can and most of my interest lies in contemporary art, Asian cinema, graphic design, and new uses for technology.  I guess my main goal in regards to a career is pretty vague -something new and interesting.  As for my other goals, they all revolve around me not starving to death in the near future.

I’m most familiar with photoshop cs, flash, dreamweaver mx, ms frontpage, and pretty proficient with computers and technology in general.  For several years I’ve dabbled with blogs and have mostly failed to keep them well fed and consistent for lack of content.  But I’m currently maintaining a music/mp3 blog of sorts which is fun and passes the time .

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