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Personal Synopsis: Pecina

Posted by emac3326 on August 21, 2006

Manuel Pecina

Manuel Pecina, BFA art & art history concentration in **photography**. Currently pursuing MFA art & technology.

My personal interest, studies, goals?

Currently employed and performing backups and restores for the the **stock exchange**, a dull duty soon to be history once I complete MFA or find a teaching position. I am l**earning how to sail, enjoy cycling, spending time with family and producing photographic works of art and video**. Complete MFA and teach.

My technical savvy, Some familiarity with Sun Solaris systems, my website is powered by Apache on a solaris 10 platform. I host and have designed the following websites, http;//spesc.ath.cx, http://darkslide.got.dns, and webmaster to http://www.asmpdallas.org, and my site http://www.gonzophoto.com.

Consider myself beginner level MAC experience as well PC knowledge. Proficient with WAN, LAN and wireless network TCP/IP.

As a photographer I am an expert with lighting, composition, and set design.


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