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Kyle’s new to running and Photoshop

Posted by emac3326 on September 7, 2006

Two submittals from Kyle this week look promising. One is on running. The other is on Photoshop. Both illustrate, I think, the power of new media to inform, teach, and expose, not just entertain or throw out an opinion. It’s one thing that attracted me to podcasting and videocasting in the first place.

Here are my two podcast. I have gotten more and more interested in running
and decided to run a 5K, probably in january over the break where i can
make a road trip out of it somewhere. podcast.net has a lot of podcast
organized by category and this one seemed the most informative/updated that didn’t ramble. It focuses on all aspects and how to work up to the full 26
mile marathons I hope to someday run.

I am very new to photoshop and I thought this was kind of a unique way to
learn. It gives you one tool at a time so you have time to learn it w/out
being overwhelmed by all that photoshop has to offer. I really think that I
may end up checking both of these podcast pretty often, since I have found
things that really apply to me.


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I Sell Women’s Shoes.

Posted by emac3326 on August 31, 2006

Kyle Penn’s blog looks very promising. Here he needs to train the eye and the ear to pick up on the mundane details of life. He can also learn to prod the subject by asking “innocent” questions, for more detail. I’d keep a notebook handy to jot down thoughts when no one is looking. (My notebook of choice, if anybody cares, is the small Moleskine. It slips in your back pocket and you hardly know it’s there.)

I have had abunch of ideas for a blog like a made up story of a guy
deserted on an island, or something with getting my art out there, but I
was wondering what would give me the most content regularly and I decided
it was my job. I sell ladies’ shoes and usually something funny or annoying
happens and I thought I might could share the stories in an amusing way.
With that said, here is my blog unless I think of something better very soon:

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Bob From Accounting and Pixar

Posted by emac3326 on August 23, 2006

Kyle Penn

Two blogs that interest me are: www.bobfromaccounting.com because its just
a great name and pretty funny. A person has made a character and writes
from his perspective, much like the example of “the office” characters
blog. However, this blog doesn’t seem to have been updated recently. The
other would probably be http://pixaranimation.blogspot.com . I haven’t read
much of it but I would like to start finding as much information on
animation as possible, so a blog from pixar sounds like a good idea.

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Personal Synopsis: Penn

Posted by emac3326 on August 23, 2006

Kyle Penn

My name is Kyle Penn and I am in the Art 3326 Thurs. night class. I have an
Associates of Art from Tyler Junior College and attended the University of
North Texas last year in their developing degree Electronic Media Art.
Since it didn’t pass I transferred to UTD to get the ATEC degree. I am
interested in all sorts of electronic art from using existing systems in
new ways, hacking/rewiring, interfaces, but especially 3D animation. I love
to draw and have done it all my life. The past year I have begun
experimenting with the electronic side of art, but it is still very new to

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