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Podcast Hosting. A Start.

Posted by emac3326 on September 26, 2006


And I’m not speaking pirate.
What’s frustrating me is researching free, or low cost, podcast hosting for class. My first thought was using ourmedia.org, as Dean and I had discussed. But the last few times I’ve gone to the site, the site no worky. Can’t have that.

Of course, this being the era of excess on the internet, everybody and their dog (or cat, no discrimination here) have free, or low cost, podcast hosting. But as I looked into our options, I was swamped by choice, too many choices, swimming in choices, drowning in choice.

So, as a public service to you guys, I am collecting a mix of links for you to review. Some are podcast host links. Others are articles relating to podcast hosting. This is just a start. If you find something you like, or dislike, post it via comments here or as a separate post on the blog for all to view. There is a good chance as I find, or learn, new stuff about podcast hosting I will update this post, probably through the comments section — so browse the comments!

And now, the links …


(free: 200 mb per month; other plans range from $5 for 500 mb to $30 for 2000 mb; does not accept video uploading, $5 plan does; unmetered bandwidth.)

How to Podcast.

(includes tutorial on setting up an Our Media account.)

Podcast Spots.

(use their software to record and upload your podcast to the site.)

(demo for Podcast Spots.)


(90 mb of space, 30 mb per-file upload limit, add inserted into RSS feed.)


(paid site, ranging from $5 to $30 a month; $5 is for 100mb of storage. check out site to see how to measure what space you will need for hosting. have heard the site is slow, but Libsyn is an early player in this game and has respect for delivering quality at low cost.)


Podcast Hosting Services List.

(from Dave’s Imaginary Sound Space)

Odeo on Podcast Hosting on the Cheap.

Another listing, fro TipMonkies. Note: comments were late 2005, so some of these services may have changed.)


(free hosting, 100 mb space, audio and video.)

O’Reilly Media article on the subject.



(from England, an interesting possibility; link to FAQ.)


(more of a premium service.)

Okay to Play.

(podcast  hosting comparison chart; I have no idea when this was done but it might provide some basic information to compare.)


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Nerdbooks and Podcasting Solutions

Posted by emac3326 on September 4, 2006

Janice was kind enough to send us information on a new bookstore that has the required reading, Podcasting Solutions. From Janice:

Here is the information for nerdbooks.comhttp://www.nerdbooks.com

As of Saturday, Sept 2, pm, they had 5 copies of Podcast Solutions for $

1681 Firman Dr.
Richardson, TX
972 – 470 – 9600
Mon – Fri  9:00 – 6:30
Sat  9:00 – 5:00

(From the UTD campus, go east on Campbell, turn right on Collins, cross 75,
go about 1/2 mile or less, turn left on Firman.  The store is on the left
about a block down.)

You have three options:

1 – You can order it online and have them mail it to you for an applicable
shipping charge.

2 – You can order it online and then go pick it up at the store.  If you
choose this option, somewhere in the shipping instructions you tell them you
want to pick it up.

3 – You can go to the warehouse store in Richardson. The person there will
help you find the book and pay for it.  The price is still the same, but you
avoid the shipping charges and the delay.

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Posted by emac3326 on August 21, 2006

For the class I have chosen a book on podcasting. It’s Podcast Solutions, The Complete Guide to Podcasting, by Michael W. Geoghagan and Dan Klass. Amazon link.

This is an excellent introduction to podcasting, which many believe is more difficult because of the equipment needed. It addresses listening to podcasts, planning a podcast, the tools associated with podcasting, recording a podcast, putting together the podcast, preparing the file, and placing it on a server. There is also a discussion about getting heard, making money with podcasting, and it includes sample software for the PC.

Geoghagan, by the way, is an early podcaster and an example of someone who started podcasting and caught the attention of mainstream business (Disney), which hired him to produce Mickey’s podcasts.

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