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Educational Podcast from Laura

Posted by emac3326 on September 11, 2006

Sadly, Laura, I am behind, so I have not listened to this one yet. But I will. I promise.

So for the rest of you in class, take Laura’s word for it. Check it out. I will.  Soon, I hope.

I found a great podcast as I was studying for my history class and I thought I’d share it with you.  It just happened to be on the subject we had just gone over.


This is a wonderful educational podcast that I enjoyed listening to. It is of acceptable quality, and the content was excellent.  The
podcast itself sounds as if it is of low production, but it is still worthy of being listened to.


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Updated: Pandora is Coming to Town. The Future of Music.

Posted by emac3326 on September 11, 2006

I have mentioned several times about the future of music, not just in podcasts but on the web. Some of you listen to last.fm or Pandora. I like Pandora and have been a big supporter. One of the honchos there sent an email about a tour they are doing in Dallas and thought some of you might be interested. It’s the same day and time as class, but maybe we can work something out. Anybody want to do a podcast interview?

Here is the details:

I’m coming to Dallas! The evening of Thursday, September 21st I’ll be at the Magnolia Theatre for an informal town hall meeting. Hope you can make it. There are lots of Pandora listeners in Dallas, and I thought it would be great to have a chance to meet some of you.

I’ve been holding town hall meetings for the past few months (check out our road trip blog [follow link above] to see where I’ve been and where I’m going). They’ve been great opportunities to talk with folks who are using the service – not only to discuss Pandora, but also to talk about the evolution of the online music world in general.

This free event will be a great opportunity for me to hear what’s on your mind. I’ll also have some cool Pandora stuff for everyone.

WHEN: Thursday, September 21st at 7 pm
WHERE: The Magnolia Theatre
3699 McKinney Avenue

  • Among the questions we hope to tackle:
    How is technology changing the nature of radio?
    How important are community and peers when it comes to discovering music online? What’s the best way to foster community?
  • Can services like Pandora help create a larger middle class of artists who aren’t superstars, but have enough of an audience to support themselves through their music? Do music lovers want more music discovery?
  • I hope you will be able to join me. As I mentioned, we have a lot of listeners in the area, however not all have opted to receive our emails, so please feel free to forward this email on to those you think might like to attend. Again, this is a free event but we’d love to get an idea in advance of how many people are coming so please RSVP.

Hmmm. A field trip maybe?

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Some Great Links from Alberto. Check Them Out.

Posted by emac3326 on September 7, 2006

I need time to go through these, these look good. I’ll get Alberto to talk about these in class.


also my videocasts for this week are:

The Post Show


Basically it’s sketch comedy by a couple of guys in New York. I think they are, or were at one time, roommates and started making this videocast and have since had a great deal of success- according to their news posts they’ve been approached to make a pilot for a major network’s broadband channel, and have been selling dvd’s of their first season for a while. Luckily, they still have their all or most of their episodes on their website. Being sketch comedy, there is no real plot or recurring characters, but it’s still funny and worth the time to look around.




This one is pretty interesting, ostensibly it’s the diary of a homeschooled teenager in the middle of nowhere, and she talks about what she’s reading/studying and has a crush on her friend Daniel (who also has a videocast). However, a lot of people doubt whether it is real or not. They site the fact that Lonelygirl is too pretty, her videocasts are too well made, and seem scripted. For more on this, check out the NYT’s Screens Blog:


In fact just go to the main page of the blog, Virginia Heffernan has blogged a good deal about it.


Also, I wanted to include my personal favorite, “Que vida mas triste” it’s entirely in Spanish so not everyone can understand it, but the Spanish speakers in the class (or anyone who just wants the practice) may want to check it out:


The title translates to “what a sad life”, and the premise is that the main character Borja a guy like any other, records his videolog every Sunday while hung-over from the night before. It focuses on his daily life and relationships with his friends and girlfriends. Usually it starts with him talking, then cuts to what he’s describing, then goes back to him when he wants to make a comment. The humour comes from the fact that Borja is very, very selfish and a liar, and thus an unreliable narrator- often what he describes and what we see happen are different. Arguably, he’s a modern take on the traditional Spanish “picaro”.

The creator/writer/director of QVMT, Ruben Ontiveros, is a television writer- and this is an example of a very professionally made videocast, in the making of video they show the studio where they film it every Sunday. In fact they shoot, edit, and post it all in a day- the first season has 52 episodes, one for every week in the year. The writing is excellent, and the overall story is very well done. They’ve even managed to incorporate flash animations as dream sequences in a couple of episodes. The whole thing is brilliant.

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Very Interesting Podcasts from Rachna

Posted by emac3326 on September 7, 2006

I agree about NPR. I never catch the shows when they are on, so the great thing about podcasting and videocasting is the time-shifting. What really caught my eye, though, is the one about a video game as a cancer drug. So many things to download now … From Rachna:

Here are some of the podcasts that caught my interest.

I really like storytelling episodes on NPR but I can never manage to tune in the exact time. So here i found some storytelling podcasts.

(This has a long intro but then we can always forward.)

I like to watch Mad Money just for the fun and to view Cramer’s enthusiasm. Here is a podcast reviewing mad money and more.

This was an interesting information about a video game that is a cancer drug.

And a few more of interest:

I really enjoy going through stuff on http://www.fark.com/. I like the single line presentation and the tags given to each link are a great way to express personal viewpoint.

Another blog that interests me is the http://drawn.ca/. Its all about drawing and I love drawing. Great inspiration and tips.

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Scott Uses His Blog to Review Podcast.

Posted by emac3326 on September 7, 2006

This is nice integration of Scott’s blog with a weekly homework assignment. If it fits your blog, consider doing the same thing …


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