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Power of the Blog – One Red Paperclip Project

Posted by inVINCEble on September 15, 2006

The One Red Paperclip Blog shows what kind of power a blog and a new concept can have.

It started with a guy and one red paperclip and a dream of having a house.

His concept is simple, he would take offers from individuals that visit his site. He would then decide if he would trade the current object in his possession for the offered object. Eventually, he would trade up all the way to a house. As far fetch as it seems, his dream was able to come true. All because of the power of the Internet and the individuals that transverse it.

Visit the following link to witness for yourself:


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Podcasting Resources from Vince

Posted by emac3326 on September 7, 2006

Vince sent in these podcasting resources, which is great for the students who do not have the Podcasting Solutions book yet. I recommend that we all peruse these as we get started with podcasting, in earnest, this week.

I didn’t have a book so I went out to find podcasting tutorial sites for the first part of the homework. As one might expect, there’s a lot of sites that teaches how to podcast.

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Standard Tech Blogs

Posted by emac3326 on August 21, 2006

From Vincent Visetchanvet


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Personal Synopsis: Visetchanvet

Posted by emac3326 on August 21, 2006

Who are you?
Vincent Vipawin Visetchanvet
I have been a web developer for about 6 years now and before that I supported several different systems, one of which was the FileNet system used by the mortgage company that employed me.  The languages that I am programming in is Visual Studio C# and a little of VB.NET before that.

What are your personal interests?
I like to play sports of all types but right now I am into tennis.  I also like to play with Photoshop.  I would really like to improve my artistic ability.  But being technical and logical for so long, it is not easy to do.

What’s your experience with new media?
I have some brushing with new media but that term itself is constantly changing so it is hard to say.  What is new now can be old within several months.  I have of course seen the use of video becoming more prevalent on the Internet.  Advertisements can now be seen in video games.  And the mobile PC is coming very strong.  What I am waiting for right now is the new electronic ink to hit the market.  That should be very interesting.

How technically savvy are you?
I think I am somewhat technically savvy.  I built my first computer when I was 14 years old.  It might contribute to the fact that my brother graduated from University of Illinois as a computer engineer.  So far, I have not bought a pre-built computer yet.  It is getting close though because the price difference is diminishing greatly.  My first programming language was Turbo Pascal and I moved into C, C++, VB, and C# after that.

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