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Yipes! Glosup Sure is Ambitious.

Posted by emac3326 on September 11, 2006

David sent me his plan for a personal podcast. If you remember from his personal synopsis, David is interested in getting a degree from ATEC and then going to the Southwestern Theological Seminary to obtain a Master’s of Biblical Studies. He hopes to be a youth minister some day, while also holding down a job in design. He is using the opportunity to podcast exactly like I hope all of you will — to explore an interest, to further one’s studies, career, or to establish a personal “brand” and expertise. I’ll let David take it from here.

My plan for my personal podcast is to basically lead a ten-part Bible study and post it on my xanga(assuming xanga allows me to do this).  I don’t know how many podcasts we were required to do but if ten is too little, then I can definitely do another study after this one.  The first (ten-part) one I want to do is a study that I was actually planning to do at my last church but I never got around to it before I left for school.  It will basically be sermon format(20-30 minutes a piece) a lot like the material that I’ve sent you that I already listen too.  Hopefully, I can add a personal tone of voice and style that will exemplify the uniqueness of my message and what I want to share.  I’m pretty good at public speaking.  (Not trying to be arrogant)  I gave a salutatory address at graduation that I got quite a few compliments on. So, it’s not like I’ve never done something like this before and, this time, I won’t be able to see my audience.

Yipes. I’d be happy with a few of these episodes. Perhaps a plan for 10 and the execution of a few over the semester. Not that I don’t want you to do all of them. If you can, please do so. But along the way, what’s important, is that you experiment with voice, format, and the technology, and I’d hate to see you shortcut yourself by trying to get so many episodes done.

I must say, I am looking forward to seeing how your work progresses, David.


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