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Tooting Christi’s Horn

Posted by emac3326 on September 18, 2006

You guys have met Christi Nielsen. She’s been a guest in the class a few times, spoke to you guys about starting her blog and project, and I’ve mentioned that her work has garnered some interest overseas. I got this note from her this morning. Seems like the interest in her continues. I don’t have all the details, but suffice to say people are interested in her work — and this is the important part for us. It’s includes her photography and visuals but also her video work and her writing, but I doubt podcast since she does not have one yet that I am aware of. Even so, there is interest in Christi because, not only is she talented, but she moves about effortlessly (she won’t agree with this) in the new media space.

From Christi:

Sometimes you just have to toot your own horn! This was in my inbox from Spain this morning….

I had a meeting about our project at the end of last week and everyone has been very impressed by your work. It was mentioned that for the launch in South Africa at the end of the year it would be great to have some video work and to highlight the profile and work of certain contributers. We all agreed that you would be a great candidate for this as you have photographic, written and video work. Would you be interested?


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